• pet sitting business
  • pet sitting business
  • pet sitting business

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Start your own business

Sound daunting? NarpsUK is an award winning membership organisation that can help you with all of these things as well as give your new business credibility.

Pet Owners Information

NarpsUK - National Association of Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters is dedicated to promoting professionalism and ethical standards within the pet sitting industry.

We expect our members to be responsible and dedicated to the welfare of the pets they are servicing.

Pet Sitting Business Course

This course is a unique and comprehensive online course produced by experts specifically for those wishing to start or who already run their own pet sitting or pet sitting business.

On completion of the course you will receive a training certificate from Lantra confirming that you have successfully completed the course.

Welcome to NarpsUK

A pet business is becoming a serious proposition that many animal lovers are starting to take up.

pet sitting business
There are many good reasons for wanting to start your own pet business, the most popular being that it means you can give up your day job and run your own business from home doing something you love – working with animals.

A pet business is an excellent opportunity for many to start their own business with a relatively low start-up cost. There are over 8 Million dogs currently in the UK and many dog owners have to work long hours meaning that hiring a pet sitting is becoming an essential part of their daily lives, so now is an excellent time to start up a pet sitting business of your own.

If you are a cat lover then there are also opportunities to offer pet pop-in services to feed cats while their owners are away or maybe you just want to take care of caged animals and birds, whatever it is there is an opportunity for you to start your own pet business.

In London and the South of England particularly pet owners are willing to pay £10-15 for a one hour dog walk and £10.00 for someone to pop-in to feed their cat. There are no pre-requisites for pet sitting but a genuine love for animals is a must, together with a good level of physical fitness if you are offering a pet sitting service are probably the most important.

Some of the things you will need to consider before starting your business is your business name, pet business forms and contracts, pet sitting business insurance, a criminal record check as you will be holding keys, a website, flyers, how you will get work, prices you will charge, pet sitting software – our sister website NarpsUK can provide all of these things for you.

It is a rewarding job for a dedicated pet lover who is well-organised, professional and ready to run a business.

Pet Sitting Business Initials

pet sitting business Start your own pet sitting

You want to start your own pet sitting business but you also want it to be a success - joining NarpsUK means you can't fail. There are many things you now need to consider for example:
  • Business Name, Branding and Website
  • Getting new clients
  • Pet Business Forms & Contracts
  • Are there any legal considerations?
  • Pet Sitter Insurance
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Business Credibility & Reputation
  • Which Pet Services you will offer
  • Prices – What should you charge?
Sound daunting? NarpsUK is an award winning membership organisation that can help you with all of these things as well as give your new business credibility.

pet sitting businessPet Sitter Insurance

Getting fully insured is essential, not only for the sake of your clients, but also for your own protection.

pet sitting insurance is fairly specialised and there are only really a few companies in the UK who provide it. NarpsUK is perhaps one of the best options for those just starting out as it is a professional and popular membership organisation and membership entitles you to various helpful resources as well as discounted pet sitting insurance. - See more at: www.narpsuk.co.uk

pet sitting businessFind a local Pet Sitter

Your dog will be much happier either staying in its own home with a live in pet sitter or in a pet sitter's home with a family environment where he will receive lots of tender loving care and attention.

Your pet sitter will follow your feeding & exercise instructions, allowing your pet to follow the routine they are used to at home. When boarding in the sitter's home, be sure to ask if they are licensed by their local authority.

If you are using a pet sitter to come to your home to pet sit or for pet sitting purposes, be sure to ask to see their Criminal Record Check certificate if they will be holding a set keys to your home.
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